What a great name for a blog right… I was in a marketing type class at church one night and it came to me. I wanted to start a blog to help people through my experiences and to be honest hopefully make money from it too. We all thought about it. This blog will help me get through life as i share it with you. I believe strength comes from our healing in every situations. When you break a bone or get wounded as you heal you get stronger. There are a lot of broken/wounded people in the world. People who need an ear, advice or just information about their situation. My main goal is to help heal God’s people through God provision.


Good evening world,

The title fit on how i feel when i think about this blog . Im laughing because i keep telling myself to post and i dont. I just thought about how i said i was going to try post twice a week. And it been 2 weeks since i posted. Im a procrastinator. Like the biggest one ever. And I have this relationship with fear also… Fear and procrastinate is the worst disease combination to have.

So what are y’all remedy to heal this disease? What do you do to get over that hump of fear and step up and out of procrastination?

A daily walk…

Good morning/afternoon/evening,

Today is a special day for me. Its the day i was giving life. The day God decided yea this day will work. She’s be a perfect fit with everyone else who was born today. But For the last couple of years i’ve not been as excited for this day as before. It’s not an age thing. Trust me i’ll forget how old i am. Its so sad that I have to ask friends and my spouse how old i am. But its not turning out how i would like it. Im grateful to be alive and to have the ppl i have in my life. But you know when you want a party and you have planned it in your head for the pass year and its time and nothing is right. Ill brush it off to another year. But the events that actually take place is great and ill love it. Ok let me share a lil with y’all about me. I love fellowshipping, gathering, parties(small or medium size) dancing. You know just some good old fun with ppl you know and a couple of ppl you just met. Nice atmosphere, the right music to jam to, food to eat… I love being around ppl…. So having a big party is a dream… But when you are married to an introvert it can be difficult at times. He’s not the shy type but the homebody… Still At the end of the day I still have a great day….

What is this about??

This is the first of many post I hope will inspire you, encourage you, make you laugh and/or piss you off.  I want to get some things off my chest and out my head. These will be situation I’ve been through, in and seen from friends. I am open to comments, question and topics suggestion. My goal is to post 2 post a week to get started. Then hopefully post everyday as we grow. I have so much hope in this blog.  I pray that God use me to build you up and make your day and get you thinking. I thank God for this vision that I’m so fearful to fulfilled.  With that being said this isn’t a straight religion type blog.  There will be some curse words, some sex talking (from the innocent ears to the freakiest ears), relationships, love, work, career… The ONLY thing I probably won’t touch is politics. I’m not into politics. Yes, I do watch the news.  Well I think this is pretty good for a first post…